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  • Recycling.

  • Waste management.

  • Eco-Friendly organisation.

  • Environmental awareness.

  • Thoughtful organic disposal.

  • Environmentally friendly materials.

  • Environmentally conscious practices and methods.

At Peopleworks, we are very mindful and considerate of the environment.

This includes our use of environmentally friendly materials, and our environmentally-conscious practices in which we pride ourselves on.

We believe that consolidating and implementing environmentally safe and aware methods today will result in a happier and healthier future for generations to come.

To ensure environmentally safe practices, we enact programs in which we instruct, train, and inform our personnel about environmentally-conscious decisions, providing an in-depth knowledge of waste management, organic disposal, and recycling - a unique feature of our company.

Environmental Practices

•  Green purchasing policy for equipment and chemicals

•  Water usage - 20% reduction against industry standards

•  Bulk purchasing and storage to minimize transport usage

What We Do

•  Power usage (lighting) and waste audits completed

•  Dust minimisation through the use of HEPA filters

Our Green Cleaning program is designed to be both environmentally responsible and economically feasible. Our program represents an integrated approach that incorporates prevention, product selection, equipment efficiency, and effective procedure


Peopleworks has targets in place to reduce energy resources use. Cleaners are required to identify power sources not turned off (lighting) or other heat generating sources.



We are committed to the purchase and use of products and packaging made from recycled materials and to the recycling of waste materials in compliance with the Australian Packaging Covenant 2010.


Our equipment is of the highest commercial grade and is chosen for its ability to produce sustainable outcomes. To ensure that our equipment is running efficiently we have a program of preventative maintenance in place, reducing air emissions and supporting   a dust free environment.



We reduce recommended water consumption for cleaning by 20% through training staff to fill to the 20% reduction line marked on all containers. We practice high pressure cleaning processes and encourage clients to fit water minimises to taps used by cleaners, in order to cut water flow by 50% and increase pressure by 50%.



Peopleworks' Environmental Management system is certified to AS/NZ 14001. We employ the highest standards when selecting suppliers for our products, in particular environmentally sustainable chemicals and equipment. All staff are trained in sustainable cleaning processes.

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