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Orientation, Induction & Training


Peopleworks recognises the importance of workforce training and induction, and the role it plays in supporting a safe and productive workplace. Through orientation, staff is provided details of Occupational Health and Safety Protocols, including emergency and evacuation procedures.

Each new employee is trained in all the site-specific requirements using a ‘buddy’ system prior to performing the duties independently. Cross training ensures flexibility and service continuity in the event of illness and absences at short notice.


To attract the best people for your needs, we have strong internal processes, dedicated recruitment personnel, state-based support, clear selection criteria and thorough pre-employment checks. The appointment of high calibre employees is integral to the achievement of consistent quality service delivery.

Peopleworks has in excess of 150 directly employed staff in and around Melbourne. Our dedicated staff are obtained through a robust recruitment process, which consists of comprehensive interviews and reference checks to ensure that the best candidates are chosen for your building.


Peopleworks uses state of the art technology to make staff induction easier than ever before. Through its unique online capabilities, this form of induction ensures perfect results, comprehension and compliance to Peopleworks' award winning methodology for new staff.

Further, this technology allows a complete overview of staff and their progress throughout the induction phase. This guarantees that all staff are up to Peopleworks' high standards.

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