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Green Cleaning Program

In addition to conventional commercial cleaning services, Peopleworks offers green cleaning solutions through our Green Program. These solutions can be used in part or for all of your cleaning services, based on your business environment and needs.

Green Cleaning Is Healthy Cleaning

A green workplace has been found to be safer for employees and visitors alike. Also, in many instances, green cleaning processes are better for your facility. For instance, regular cleaning agents tend to be caustic, wearing out surfaces over time and diminishing the longevity of your facility and your furnishings. Additionally, some cleaners can agitate sensitivities to chemicals. That’s why our Green Program focuses on reducing particulates, harmful emissions, and exposure to caustic agents with:

  • High-capture HEPA filters

  • Recycled paper products

  • Sustainable, low-emission green cleaners


Peopleworks takes pride in being on the forefront of environmental issues. Our Green Program will help reduce your business or facility’s environmental impact, and may even help you qualify for credits toward toward Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design solutions.

Green cleaning is environmentally responsible and economically profitable. Going green will allow your business or facility to: 

Improve the Planet

Reduce Environmental Impact

Create a Better Future for our Children

Conserve, Reduce the Use & Rescue our National Resources.

Why Go Green?

LED Solutions

Recycling Services

Environmentally Friendly Cleaners

Pollution Reduction

Certified HEPA Filtering

Air Duct Cleaning

No Volatile Organic Compounds

Green Carpet Cleaning

And More...

We Specialise in:

Effective Cleaning Can Be Achieved with Green Cleaning

Green Programs are more effective and more abundant than ever before. From new, low-phosphate detergents and scrubs to recycled paper products, it’s easier than ever for businesses to improve their overall impact on the environment without compromising their standards.

A Green Workplace Is Often Safer

We work with your team to provide solutions that help ensure superior cleaning and improved indoor air quality within your place of business, benefiting your employees and visitors.

Peopleworks Operators Use Environmentally Friendly Products from AGAR Chemicals.

Through the use of green, bio-based, non-toxic, and low-VOC emitting cleaners and materials, Peopleworks is committed to keeping your facility clean while reducing environmental pollutants.Most of our bio-based cleaning chemicals are biodegradable and non-toxic. They contain no ozone-depleting chemicals.

Commercial Recycling Programs

Peopleworks uses products that are Green Seal certified. The Green Seal means that products such as paper towels, bath, and facial tissue have been made from recycled materials.

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