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Our focus is to provide a consistent service that meets all the cleaning requirements of our clients. To achieve this consistent standard of service, we appoint a dedicated management team to each contract.

Management works closely together with staff at all levels to ensure that the cleaning systems are accurate and updated.


A customised site-specific report will be ready for your review the week prior to the contract commencement date. The inspection report will be completed by the Site Manager and audited by the Account Manager each month. It will be adjusted in response to any changing conditions. Whenever there is a change proposed, the Account Manager will first seek the approval of your nominated representative.



• We provide a clear plan of all periodical work that is to be done.

• A new annual action plan is produced each year.

• At Peopleworks, monthly management meetings discuss any raised issues to be revised, as a plan of action is then put in place.

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Risk Management is the application of the Risk Management Process, its structure and discipline, to align strategy, processes, people, technology and knowledge for the purpose of evaluating and managing the uncertainties facing a business as it strives to create value.


Within Peopleworks, this practice is applied to a wide range of business applications. From a high-level Corporate Risk Profile, to the management of individual projects, the process provides a disciplined and structured method for effectively delivering management objectives and helping the company to create value for our clients.

PWMR – Peopleworks Management Report 

  • Incident reports

  • Asset Condition Reports (real-time)

  • Quality Audit inspections

  • Increases productivity of supervisors on site

  • Automates monthly reports

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